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Community Conversations

These conversations will start with a member of our community introducing the work they do in or adjacent to Natural History Museums to both Black and non-Black individuals. Following this introduction we will have our community conversation. Community conversations” are a series of forums meant to serve as a venue for discussing specific difficulties faced by Black professionals (undergrads through faculty) in natural history museums and other academic institutions. During these discussions, we strategize ways to confront and mitigate these issues through self-advocacy and boundary setting etc. 

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Last Conversation 

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How to find mentors or support as members of the African diaspora working within or adjacent to muse

We held our second community conversation on Thursday, March 9th, from 11am to 12:30 pm. During that event, Janet Mansaray shared her research with our community Afterward, we had a discussion for Black folks only which was led by board members of BiNHMs. We discussed “How to find mentors or support as members of the African diaspora working within or adjacent to museums”.

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Reclaiming My Time


We engaged in a moderated open-floor dialogue to air issues and triumphs related to balancing work and social obligations for Black people in Natural History Museums and other academic spaces. Frequently, Black, Indigenous and people of color are overtasked with the responsibility of addressing climate and cultural issues that result in a lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This burden, expected in addition to normal work duties without compensation for increased labor, is often referred to as the “minority tax.” We discussed strategies for prioritizing what is important to us and for saying “No” when we are overcommitted or uninterested. Participants also shared positive and negative experiences doing so. We developed a guide for navigating conversations around these issues which is now available on our website.

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