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2022 Black in Natural History Museums Week 

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Our 2022 event began on October 16th. Please see the summary above or check out more details below!

Getting everyone involved!

During our week-long event,  we encourage participants and future NHM professionals to directly engage in biodiversity collection with us by participating in a global blitz. The aim was to explore the diversity of life around us (in your backyard, on your balcony, or in a local area). Participants shared their findings on social media.

A list of scavenger hunt items was released so participants could plan a trip to their local museum.Those who were unable to participate, highlighted their favorite spots, places, exhibits, artifacts, and more in your museum. All of this was shared on social media.ural history museum with our scavenger


Search the Museum


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Sunday, October 16

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves, our name is BlackInNHMs

This event provided space for members that are Black in NHMs to introduce themselves on social media either directly through their accounts or indirectly by submitting video introductions. The online event was accompinied with a zoom event called “Allow us to reintroduce ourselves, our name is BlackInNHMs”. Board members of Black in Natural History Museums, indtorudced themselves and discussed the broader vision of our organization and the plan going forward.

Tuesday, October 18

Behind the Scenes

This event looked at NHMs as libraries of life and highlighted the specimens, artifacts, and objects that have contributed to our basic understanding of life on earth. We also highlighted younger researchers (postdocs & graduate students) and showed the innovative science that is possible because of these invaluable specimens.

Thursday, October 20

Search the Museum

The list of scavenger hunt items were released, so participants could visit their local museum. On this day, people shared what they found at the musuem. Those unable to participate in our scavenger hunt, highlihgted some of their favorite spots, places, exhibits, artifacts, and more in their local  museum. 

Monday, October 17

Barriers to inclusion

This event revealed resources that are lacking to support Black folx in natural history museums. In order to understand money as an important resource, we will have a 2-hour session to discuss means to obtain funding. This session will consist of a 45-minute talk from NSF program officers (Herron, Marenda, Kearney, Fehlberg), and 45 - 60-minutes questions (panel style with the NSF program directors).

Wednesday, October 19

Contemporary Figures

This event explored the career trajectories of Black curators. During the discussion we learned the various paths our panelists took to these positions. Panelists shared their perspectives on the importance of capacity building for collections, including strategies for broadening participation.

Friday, October 21

Mentoring and Community Conversations 

Black in Natural History Museums hosted a social as the conclusion of Black in Natural History Museums Week. This  virtual space for Black folx associated with natural history museums, allowed us to get to know one another in a relaxed space. This event is free to attend, family friendly and LGBTQ+ friendly

Saturday, October 22

Black In Natural History Homecoming

To conclude the week, folxs shared their favorite part of the week 
using the hashtag #BlackInNHMs. In addition, the scavenger Hunt
winners wer announced at this time.

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