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2021 Black in Natural History Museum Week 


Our inaugural BlackInNHMs week in 2021 started on October 17th. The jam-packed week took place on social media given the Covid-19 pandemic. See below for a summary of events or read our review article. 

Join us on iNaturalist to see the biodiversity collection we gathered during our annual five-day, global blitz (BioBlitz, GeoBlitz, PaleoBlitz). 


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Sunday, October 17

Black in Natural History Museums Roll Call

We kicked off the week, highlighting Black people in NHM and discussing the history of museums through the perspective of Black people. 


This event addressed what it means to be Black in Natural History Museums (NHMs) and served to introduce our community members to the broader scientific community and the general public. This also highlighted the various careers available in NHMs.

Search #BlackInNHMs #RollCall to check out what happened! 

Wednesday, October 20

The Colonial Legacy of Natural History

On this day, we confronted the colonial legacy of natural history collecting in order to reclaim and redefine this space. 



We examined the legacy of NHMs, the hidden figures contributing to biodiversity knowledge and collections, and the connections to colonialist and imperialist practice as related to Black peoples.

Check out this panel discussion we had on this topic: 

Monday, October 18

Behind the Scenes in Natural History Museums

This event looked at NHMs as libraries of life and highlighted the specimens, artifacts, and objects that have contributed to our basic understanding of life on earth. We also illustrated the creative and innovative research that is possible because of these invaluable specimens.

Take a peek behind the scenes at the day-to-day of a museum professional. 

Search #BINHMBehindTheScenes #BINHMSearchYourMuseum to check out what happened! 

Thursday, October 21



We explored digitization in collections and its potential to increase access.


Digitization has been noted as a major component to making collections more accessible. This notion was explored through several lenses, including leveraging imaging technology to mitigate neo-colonialism.

Check out this panel discussion we had on this topic:

Tuesday, October 19

Biodiversity of Our


This event encouraged participants and future NHM professionals to directly engage in biodiversity collection with us.


We communicated the importance of documenting biodiversity, past and present, and the possible careers in biodiversity research. We explored biodiversity in our backyards. 

Search #BlackInBiodiversity #LibrariesofLife to check out what happened! 

Friday, October 22

Black in Natural History

Role Models

We highlighted and helped you connect with role models and mentors who look like you in the NHM community.

There are very few Black curators and museum professionals in NHMs, thus the power of visibility and the importance of identifying role models/mentors was explored here as a luxury often unavailable to aspiring Black scientists in this field.

Search #BlackInNHMRoleModels to check out what happened! 

Saturday, October 23

Black In Natural History Homecoming

We recapped the diversity of topics we have explored in NHMs, including local biodiversity captured, various careers, types of research etc.


We reminisced together about the knowledge shared and relationships built throughout the week.

Search #BlackInNHMHomecoming 

to check out what happened! 

Want a summary of what the Black in Natural History 2021 entailed? Check out our blog post 

Get Involved in our Biodiversity Collection

    2021 BiNHM Week Leadership

Currently, we have a dynamic and diverse organizational team planning our first event, the Black In NHMs week. At present, we have an interim board and will establish a Board of Directors following the completion of this first event. See below to meet the team!

Copy of IMG_2316.HEIC
Copy of JC_Buckner.jpg
Adania Flemming

PhD Candidate University of Florida,

BlackINNHMs Chair and Founder


Jessica Ware

Associate Curator of Invertebrate Zoology,

BlackInNHMs organizational team member/lead


Hadeel Saad

PhD student University of Michigan,

BlackINNHMs organizational team member


Sorilis Ruiz-Escobar

MOS en Español Fellow at the Museum of Science, Boston,
BlackInNHMs organizational team member


JC Buckner

Assistant Professor Department of Biology University of Texas at Arlington

BlackInNHMs organizational team member/lead


Alnycea Blackwell

Project Assistant at the iDigBio Project based at the

Florida Museum of Natural History,

BlackInNHMs organizational team member/lead


Hank Bart

Curator, Royal D. Suttkus Fish Collection, Tulane University,

BlackInNHMs organizational team member/lead


Nicole Cannarozzi

Collection Manager for Environmental Archaeology

at the Florida Museum,

BlackInNHMs organizational team member


Black in Natural History amnh office.jpg
Sorilis Copy of jNLX4SjU.jpeg
Copy of Nicole-In-cave_small.jpg
Black in Natural History Museums - Tour Photographer 4 - Valerie D. Stampley.JPG

Day Teams


Scott Edwards
Michael Franklin
Melissa Kemp
Miranda Lowe
Nick Martinez
Brianna Mims
Phillip Skipwith
Lisa White

Kory Evans
Aaron Woodruff

Brought to you by our team:

Adania Flemming, Alnycea Blackwell, Hank Bart, Janet Buckner, Nicole Cannarozzi, Sorilis Ruiz-Escobar, Jessica Ware, Lisa White, Miranda Lowe, Phillip Skipwith, Michael Franklin, Scott Edwards, Aaron Woodruff, Nick Martinez, Brianna Mims, Hadeel Saad, and Melissa Kemp

No media shared on this site should be used, reproduced or copied for any purpose without the expressed written permission of BlackInNHMs and the persons appearing in the media.

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