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Henry Bart


Place of Work:

Tulane University Biodiversity Research Institute

Areas of Study:

Fundraising, Research


Henry L. “Hank” Bart Jr. is Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Tulane University, and Director of the Tulane University Biodiversity Research Institute (TUBRI). A native New Orleanian, Bart is Curator of the Royal D. Suttkus Fish Collection at TUBRI, the largest research collection of post-larval fishes in the world.

Bart has also been involved in a number of biodiversity-related technology and cyberinfrastructure development projects at TUBRI, including the GEOLocate Project (software for geospatially referencing text descriptions of specimen collection locations), FishNet2 (a global network of 75 institutional fish collection databases), and HydroClim (modeled historical and future stream flow and temperature data for the U.S. and Canada).

Bart’s research involves ecology and systematics of fishes and amphibians. Bart is African American and has devoted considerable effort throughout his career to increasing minority participation in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and STEM broadly.

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