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Cameron Pittman


Place of Work:

CU Museum of Natural History

Areas of Study:

Outreach, Research, Collections and Loans, Exhibits


Hi, my name is Cameron Pittman. I am currently a Graduate Assistant at the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History (CUMNH) in the Vertebrate and Invertebrate Zoology collections. I am interested in morphological research between species, specifically regarding small mammal species. At the CUMNH, I assist the collection managers in various projects across the collection, from maintaining fluid preservation methods in the herpetological collection to rehousing specimens in the mammal collection.

I also work on CT scanning herpetological specimens for the oMeso Project being conducted in the collection, including work with 3D rendering and processing. I hope to continue research using CT Scanning on a project relating to the morphological comparisons of shrew species.

Before coming becoming a Graduate Assistant, I have had experience at various museums doing work and volunteering. I pursued and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Sciences from the University of Georgia in my undergraduate career. In my senior year, I had the opportunity to intern at the Georgia Natural History Museum in the Vertebrate collection under the advisement of the assistant curator of the collection. I had the chance to work on tasks relating to the organization of the whale specimens, restoration of the coral collection, and databasing the ichthyology collection.

I recently had the chance to volunteer at the Tellus Science Museum in Cartersville, Georgia. I was able to work alongside the collection manager to organize the objects of the collection, which mainly consists of hundreds of gems and minerals in the Weinman Mineral Gallery. I helped with accessioning and deaccessioning objects, digitizing objects that had been accessioned, and pulling objects that would be used in future exhibitions.

All of these opportunities have given me a passion for museum work. My goal is to enter the museum field and provide others a chance to experience the cool things about museums.

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