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Ade-Ben- Salahuddin

Place of Work:

Yale Peabody Museum (formerly formally, pre-pandemic)

Areas of Study:

Collections and Loans


During my early undergrad years (2015 to 2017) I formally worked in the Peabody's Vertebrate Paleontology collection, doing cataloguing, reorganizing, inventory, and loan retrieval of fossils for the most part. I occasionally also helped visiting researchers complete projects, like finding fossils in the collections and preparing a working space, and my ongoing/pending work on theropod teeth (as seen in my picture).

Upon returning to school in late 2019 I became a tour guide for the same collections and was able to give a few in-person tours before the coinciding pandemic and the Peabody's renovation-induced closure. Since then I've operated more as a freelancer, occasionally producing (or been offered to produce) virtual tours and other videos for the paleontology department's public programs.

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