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Adania Flemming


Place of Work:

Florida Museum of Natural History

Areas of Study:

Education, Outreach, Research, Collections and Loans


Adania spent her formative years in Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island nation in the Caribbean. Fascinated by water and aquatic systems she earned a bachelor’s degree in marine biology at the University of Tampa, followed by a M.Sc. in Zoology. She is interested in exploring the ecology of fishes, their role and niche in the environment, their life history as well as understanding how form relates to function. She is also interested in using natural history collections as a resource to introduce students of diverse backgrounds, particularly those most marginalized in STEM to the field of Ichthyology and other scientific fields.

For her Ph.D. she is combining her interest in education with Ichthyology, through an interdisciplinary research project where she plans to evaluate the impact of experiential learning within collections on students understanding of science development of science identities and interest in careers in science. She is a PhD student at UF, in the Biology department, with a joint appointment in the museum, and she is a research assistant with the iDigBio project. She uses Bioblitzes as a tool in the Introduction to Natural History course she created at UF, which allows students to get experience collecting with a diverse (sex, race, field of study, age) of scientists, to understand the importance and purpose of documenting earth’s biodiversity.

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